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Emerging strengths in the global market

The future is built with glulam, and the market reflects this. Partly driven by European regulations, our home market seems limitless. As we look at the growth trajectory, it’s clear that this material isn’t just about constructing spaces – it’s about crafting the future.

Global glued laminated timber market to grow from $1.8b to $2.8b by 2030—51% growth

  • Glued laminated timber, or glulam, is a highly innovative green construction material. than comparably sized sawn lumber. Glulam provides the strength of steel with a lighter frame.

  • Customers are aware of glulam as a green building material in the form of engineered wood products.

  • In 2020, Europe held the highest market share for glulam, followed by North America and Asia Pacific.

  • Globally recognised architects have recently proclaimed glulam as the next-generation high-tech building material.

  • Rising awareness about the environment and carbon footprints has accelerated the demand for more environmentally friendly materials.
  • The reconstruction of Ukraine will increase demand exponentially in next 5-10 years.

The market is ready to absorb our production.

Over 50% of production capacity already placed with over 20 companies in 9 countries: Sweden, Finland, Norway, UK, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Portugal. List of customers having signed letter of intent to purchase is available for investors signing NDA.