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Innovative glulam structures

Architects consider glued wood to be a revolutionary building material. Thanks to its low carbon footprint, governments have started to require its use in public buildings. In our first stage, we will focus on three core products.

Veneer-covered glued panels

Glued-wood panels made of softwood are covered in thin veneer. The concept is to use less expensive material as filler and high-quality material as the covering.
End use: furniture components, doors.
Clients: furniture-, window-, door industries, DIY shops. ​

Finger-jointed window- and door components and moldings

Finger-jointed pine is a softwood timber material that is made by tightly joining smaller pieces of pine with a finger joint. The finger jointing process makes a wood product more stable and straight.
End use: window- and door frames, DIY market, carpenters’ products.
window-, door-, and furniture- factories, retailers, other producers.

Strength-graded glued posts and beams

We manufacture glulam posts and beams in strength classes GL24, GL28 and GL32h, with fireproof certificates.
End use: house framing and landscaping, children playgrounds, agriculture.
Clients: modular house factories, vineyards, landscapers, municipalities.