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All Team

Henri Lend

Chief Engineer

17 years experience in mechanical engineering, product development, modelling, digital simulation, FEM analysis and 3D scanning, as well as automation, machine design and experimental measurements with data acquisition systems.Starship, FEM simulation and development, automation, design;
Have participated in 7RP EU projects (Norway) as mechanical engineer;
Cooperation with Starship (design of automatic warehouses, battery swapping station etc);
Novec (Member of the board, engineer).

Raido Pohlak

Operations Manager

26 years experience in wood processing sector, last 17 years worked as production manager, production unit design, production line and testing, optimization, team building;
Jeld-Wen Eesti Operations director, Building and launching new glued component factory in Rakvere, Estonia. Directly responsible for 173 employees;
Trained in LEAN Manufacturing and Management methods.

22 years sales experience in glued timber
Trained at Borgen Industrierer AB (Sweden’s largest timber group);
Kehra Puutööstus
Served as GM, production manager of 43-employee factory.
Expanded sales to EU and Africa.
Turned company’s portfolio from sawn timber and poles production to glued wood production;
International sales experience
Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, UK, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.